“Having a platform to speak out, unapologetically share our experiences as Muslim women and show support for one another like what we have in Penawar is something that I deem so precious and heartening. I am grateful for Penawar for it helps me to heal; allowing me to better cope with myself and relate to others spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.”

— Participant #4


“It is odd to feel so safe among strangers, when I usually have to feel guarded with many family members and friends. The feeling of safety stemmed from the knowledge that everyone in the sharing circle came with the intent of validating each other. What a relief it is to not have to prove that your pain is real. To say "I am hurting" and have others believe you instantly and completely. It is powerful. I had no idea how powerful until I was part of Penawar.”

— Participant #2


“Penawar gave me a place where I did not need to put on a mask. I was able to speak about the nuances of religious trauma that can be so hidden, manipulative and subtle, it can only be understood by people with similar pain. Penawar is a safe space to unpack our taught beliefs by discovering ourselves, the religious community and the religious institutions.”

— Participant #1