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Penawar #4: Building Healthy Relationships

  • Venue TBA after signup (map)

Lasting, healthy and authentic relationships are hard. So how do we keep ourselves happy in a relationship? How do we heal from a past relationship? How do we get over our insecurities and fears of being in a relationship? How do we, ultimately build a healthy relationship?

This session is for those of us who want to talk about strategies to build healthy, meaningful and authentic relationships.

Who this is for…

  • Muslim-raised women and non-men between ages of 18 to 40 

  • Who are single or married 

  • Who have dated or not dated 

  • Who are straight or queer 

  • Who have dated IRL and/or online

  • You wanna talk about attitudes toward dating and navigating the dating world 

  • You wanna talk about insecurities and fears on dating whether you’ve dated or not, and think of how you wanna overcome it

This is NOT for…

  • Men and anyone who isn’t raised Muslim 

  • If you wanna focus on identifying red flags (that’s important too! Nothing wrong, but we’re focusing on how to build healthy relationships this time!)

  • If you wanna talk about sex and sexuality in particular (of course, it’s interrelated and we see how it could influence who and how you date, but that’s for next session!)

Slots available: 20 participants. This keeps the support group intimate so that everyone has a chance to express themselves. Refreshments and prayer spaces will be provided. Let us know if you need a childminder.

Our Etiquette Statement (in summary):

  1. Respect what is confidential

  2. Don‘t tell someone their Islam is wrong or try to educate them

  3. Let everyone speak

  4. Come as you are

Not sure what the session topic would cover? Have a look at our session resources. (Don’t worry if the resources doesn’t cover your personal experiences—they’re still valid to talk about!)

Disclaimer: Penawar isn't a replacement for professional mental health support. We’re not able to provide you with immediate crisis care as that goes beyond our means. See our list of support services that you may find helpful.

Any questions about Penawar? Find your answer on our FAQ. Have a question we haven't answered? Ask away by contacting us.

Last day to sign up: 27 September 2019, Friday 11pm

We’ll put you on a wait list if all participant slots are filled up!

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