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Penawar #1: Being Our Most Authentic Selves

  • Venue TBA by email after signup (map)

Growing up Muslim, there are countless expectations and limitations enforced upon us by society and by our selves. Wear the hijab. Stay away from the club. Getting married and having children is sunnah.

How have these things shaped the way we behave? The way we see ourselves? Our health? Are we able to live freely, at all? In this session, we’ll be talking about living or not being able to live our best, free and authentic selves along with coping strategies to be better.

Who will benefit from this session…

  • Muslim-raised women and non-men between the ages 18-40

  • Students and working adults

  • Married and single people — those who have been pressured in relation to marriage and parenthood

This session is not for…

  • Men and those who weren’t raised Muslim

  • Don’t find such expectations or the impact on those affected an issue

Slots available: 20 participants. This is to keep the support group intimate so that everyone can have a chance to express themselves.

Our Etiquette Statement (in summary):

  1. Respect what is confidential

  2. Don’t tell someone their Islam is wrong

  3. Let everyone speak

  4. Come as you are

Not sure what the session topic would cover? Have a look at our session resources. (Don’t worry if the resources didn't cover your personal experiences—they’re still valid to talk about!)

Disclaimer: Penawar isn't a replacement for professional mental health support. We’re not able to provide you with immediate crisis care as that goes beyond our means. See our list of support services that you may find helpful.

Any questions about Penawar? Find your answer on our FAQ. Have a question we haven't answered? Ask away by contacting us.

Last day to sign up: 22 March 2019, Friday at 11pm.

We’ll put you on a waitlist if all participant slots are filled up!

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