Session Resources 4: Building Healthy Relationships

Note: We compile this list of resources relating to Penawar’s session topic that you may find on our social media. We are not trying to impose a fixed understanding of Islam but we see it as a continuous learning process for us all. We ask that you keep an open mind and an open heart.



+ “How to Rebuild a Relationship with Someone Who’s Hurt You”, Anais Rodriguez,

+ “Editor’s Letter: Love & Relationships”, Diana Rahim,

+ “The Difficult Balance of Intimacy and Independence: Beloved Philosopher and Poet Kahlil Gibran on the Secret to a Loving and Lasting Relationship”, Maria Popova,

+ “How to Navigate Mental Illness in a Relationship”, Mica Lemiski,

+ “These Are the Things That Make or Break a Relationship”, Caroline Sweatt-Eldredge,

+ “Toxic relationship habits most people think are normal”, Mark Manson,

Others (webpage, quiz)

+ “Healthy LGBTQ Relationships”,

- Webpage resource on how a healthy queer relationship looks like.

+ “The Relationship Spectrum”,

- Take this (queer-inclusive) quiz to find out where your relationship is on the spectrum of healthy, unhealthy and abusive. Resource available for PDF download too.


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