Session Resources 1: Authentic Selves

Note: This is a resource compilation relating to Penawar’s session topic. It’s not meant to be exhaustive. We aren’t trying to impose a fixed understanding of Islam but we see it as a continuous learning process for us all. We ask that you keep an open mind and an open heart.



 + “Hijab, Criticism, and the Burden of Public Expectations”, unknown, 

+  “The online abuse hurled at Malaysia’s Muslim women”, unknown,

- Summary: How online shaming puts a lot of pressure on Muslim women, in the Malaysian context.  

+  “Muslim women here write about struggles to balance society’s expectations”, Nur Asyiqin Mohamad Salleh,

+ “The Impact of Peer Pressure on Muslim Girls in the West”, Hira Uddin,

+ “ Unlearning The Authority: A Queer Muslim’s Journey”, Bagayette, 


 + Perempuan: Muslim Women in Singapore Speak Out (2016), AWARE, edited by Filzah Sumartono.

+ Growing Up Perempuan (2018), AWARE, edited by Filzah Sumartono and Margaret Thomas.