Let’s End Marital Rape!


This statement first appeared on our instagram, September 26th 2018

Penawar is among the 21 women’s and social sector groups in Singapore welcoming the proposal to fully remove marital immunity for the offences of rape and sexual penetration of a minor. This important and long awaited reform will make it possible to hold men who commit sexual violence against their wives accountable under the law, in accordance with due process.

Every person has the right to live their lives free of all kinds of violence, including spousal sexual violence. Marriage is meant to be a union for mutual support and care, not a licence for sexual coercion. Doing away with marital immunity is an important affirmation that a married woman – no less than any other woman – has the right to be heard and respected when she says ‘no’.

When this law is changed, Singapore will take an enormous step toward a more humane society – one which values consent and equality. We are proud to be counted in support of it.

Check out full statement for updated list of supporting groups!


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